Bobble came to us with some big goals:

  • increase e-commerce conversion;
  • educate potential customers about the benefits of filtered bottles;
  • make products more findable and show catalog breadth;
  • modernize the website, especially for mobile. 


how to achieve those goals

I worked with a Strategist to dig into analytics, demographics, and build personas. We looked at  green-friendly brands, like Kleen Kanteen, and trendy water bottle brands, like S'well, to understand the competitive landscape. 

I analyzed the site navigation and how easy it was to get around, use the search, and find specific information. I ran lightweight tests on UsabilityHub.com to help identify pain points and areas of confusion. 


- Talk up the features - everywhere! On the home page, product pages, content pages, add copy about how bobble bottles are customizable, come in a zillion colors, and environmentally-friendly. 

- Visual category search: let customers shop by color family, bottle size and material, and price range. Instead of dropdowns, tappable icons and tiles that easily transition to mobile.

- Add customer reviews and lifestyle photography to the product pages; link to Instagram; take the bottle out of the gym and show it as a real lifestyle product. 

- Improve the site search by searching content and products and matching for common typos



not just pretty pictures (but those, too)

- Responsive wireframes of all shopping and content pages (see some full-view here: https://invis.io/7PFVYTVJ96Z)

- Category structure & shopping filter recommendations

- Recommendation for new URL structure and page naming convention



project type

Responsive redesign, e-commerce

project role

User Experience Lead